"Larry is accessible and works diligently..."

"I have known Larry for over 12 years and have recommended him to my buyers throughout the various stages of his career. He is a thoughtful person and will actively search to find the best rate for his clients. Larry is accessible and works diligently until the loan is closed. He also has extensive contacts to service tough loans. I can easily recommend larry for a new loan."

- Anonymous 

"...Larry is a consummate professional..."


"I am a huge fan of Mr. Gould. This the second mortgage we have done together and I would never hire anyone else for my mortgage needs. Larry is a consummate professional, stayed on top of everything and went above and beyond the call of duty. I've recommended him to friends knowing they will thank me and they always do!"



"Professional, courteous, kind, knowledgeable, hardworking, dedicated, with a great attention to detail..."

"My mother passed away from breast cancer and I was left in a really tough position having to buy out my sibling. I was denied by a big bank and had a short sale on my record. I was really crushed when I got the denial from Wells Fargo and thought my sibling would force me to sell my mother's home for the sake of money. I had so many memories in this home and really wished to keep it. I really needed a mortgage and quickly or else they were going to try to force me from the home. I cannot express in words how professional Larry Gould acted. Every email, every follow-up, every correspondence was in an effort to go to the underwriters to make a case for my loan. When I was missing a document I got courteous and timely follow-ups. Larry's response times were amazing and it was like I was on his personal speed dial. This man has a quick finger to personally call his clients at the drop of a dime. Larry walked me through the entire process which for me was quite emotional. I felt like I had my mother's memory hanging in the balance, and this home meant everything to me. I have told Larry personally, but I have yet to experience this level of service at all in any regard. I have eaten at 3 Star Michelin restaurants and stayed at 5 Star hotels and the service Larry provide exceeded these experiences. I will recommend him as a preferred mortgage broker to anyone for the rest of my living days and as long as he remains doing this type of work. If Larry opens dry cleaners I'd be shouting from the mountaintop to have the man clean your clothes. If he opens a Deli, well it will probably be the best sandwich you ever had. Professional, courteous, kind, knowledgeable, hard working, dedicated, with a great attention to detail is how I would describe Larry. I closed my loan yesterday and I'm still wondering if it all really happened. It did and I'm grateful for this man who could have given up on someone who was not perhaps the easiest of clients. ”


- James Arther Sr

"He never gave up on me...Thank you, Larry, for helping make my dream come true."

“My experience with Larry was so great! He was very professional and personable. He never gave up on me, always reassuring me that ‘Yes! you are getting your house.’. Thank you, Larry, for helping make my dream come true.” 

– Yvelina 

"...Larry always made himself available to answer all my questions...He made the whole process easy..."

“Overall my experience dealing with Larry and the MLB team was great! Larry always made himself available to answer all my questions regardless of time. He made the whole process easy to understand.” 

– Etjen 

"...the MLB team was very prompt and willing to provide with options..."

“The MLB helped me to make the process easy. If I ever had any questions, the MLB team was very prompt and willing to provide me with options to make sure I was satisfied.” 

– Robert